Find the number of o atom in 90 gm of h20????????
plzz ans

plzz give me some basic concept
abt mole
mole is defined as the quantity of substance which contains the same number of elementary particles or chemical units as the number of atoms present in 12 grams of C- 12 atom
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Number of moles in water = 90/18=5 number of atoms=5*6.022×10^23×3 = 90.33×10^23 atoms of water
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well ur ans is wrg
the ans is 5 x 6.022 x10 23
we dont mulitpy with3
Well answer is right i searched it om the net
number of moles in water = 90/18
                                            =5 number of atoms
× 6.022 × 10^23 × 3
           [ since water contains two hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom]
                                           = 90.33×10^23 atoms of water.