Since as long as one can remember, the successful organization and balance of society has been a difficult task to effectively manage. Personal opinions and external pressures have consistently influenced the shape and underlying growth of many communities. Similar to the way one strives to live a healthy life style through dieting and daily exercise, so too must an ideal culture maintain a natural balance of values and traditions.

In consideration to the four practices highlighted in Habits of the Heart, my ideal society is structured primarily around the republican tradition. I have designated fifty-five percent of my community to indulging in this custom because it represents a just and educated community. In an ideal culture, equality is essential and sacrifice leads to growth. According to Thomas Jefferson, “No man is born with a saddle on his back for another man to ride” (p. 30). I believe this quote is significant as it not only symbolizes justice, but also active participation by all. With these selfless characteristics in mind, a sense of community is built where education, the exchange of ideas, and unity, provides for a flourishing civilization.

My next custom I would assign twenty percent of my society’s value to is the utilitarian tradition. The utilitarian tradition is centered on individual, hard work. Although this may seem a bit contradictory to my previous tradition, I do feel it’s very important to set the bar high, not only for one’s self, but for the entire community. A positive and goal-setting attitude can easily serve as an example in more than one way. With high expectations, individual success can translate into a productive workplace, household, and community. Almost like a one, two punch, the utilitarian tradition compliments the republican tradition very well.

The expressive tradition, lands a close third in my ideal society with sixteen percent. Aside from the specific...