I simply tell u a mind map carfully observe and just follow it ........ the food first we eat is called bolous we chew it saliva is mixed with it than it goes into the esophagus because of perestaltic movements means wave movements the bolous travels in through it and reaches the cardiac stomach and and come down and some enzymes act on it in the stomach and bile juice is send by the liver and pancreas releases pancriatis juice these juices contain pepsin and trypsin and also some other enzymes these all act on it and break down the bigger peices into smaller once and it forms chyme means partially digested food than this travells to the pirolic spincter this act as a barrier between stomach and deodenum the food takes time to digest do the pyrolic spincter allows only some food to pass through and it goes into the small intestine and absorbtion takes place for a long time and the unwanted food is sent into l.intestine and to the rectum tant to anus and eject the waste
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