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                               " Money spoil's relationship "

                                 The money is the most important thing now in our society. Without money now a days even a person who is honest is considered as poor it self. The money spoils the personal relationship of the people in between them because everyone loves and live for money now a days. The money will always spoil relationship of the people. We can see the spoiling of relationship because of money many times in the middle class family. For money now a days any one is gonna do any thing, like betting we can see these in our daily which sometimes go to much funny. There are many personal situations of mine where there was one who wanted money and for that he has done many disgusting and even mysterious things. For money he worked as a soft toy for a whole in a toy shop. By this it self we can understand that one is going to do any thing for money. For our livelihood now a days we really need to run behind the money more than relationship. If we keenly observe in a family both the parents work for money in office and they don't have time to spend with their children and even their parents. Therefore i conclude that money not only spoil's relationship but even it spoils the person's self respect, no time to spend for even themselves. 
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