Dignity, a single word which signifies the quality of being appreciated and respected in our society. India is a country which is democratic  and diversified with various cultures.

However are women dignified in this society we live in? Imagine a girl who is behind captivated, invisible bars with only limited skills. 

My maid, Kavitha, who was once an extrovert and a jolly person is now daunted with fear and guilt. She was regularly abused by her husband because she was working in our home. Why are females always treated like this? After all, she is earning money for her living. Moreover, she was an illiterate who wanted to amble and discover this world  in detail. However, her husband doesn't promote this and considers her to just 'cook'. 

This attitude towards women disgusts me and should be taken seriously by our government. Laws and regulations are set for domestic purposes but we just don't realize that. Our one move towards women empowerment could seriously make a big difference to this world.
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