How can i improve my vocals for singing so similar to the popstars??look i want the answer to the point i want a right answer if its not up to the point plzz dont answer

from india ???
could we talk somewhere else????
is really ur name Izz sofia ???
where u want us to talk ???
Hey Sofia.. U wanna learn pop?? NYc


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Hey Sofia see you practise everyday for both high and comparatively low pitch. This would help u to set ur voice according to the pop style.. As such styles require sudden high pitches which can break ur voice so practising a lot on both high and low pitch would help u.
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thanks tis wud certainly help
Hmm I hv some more suggestions I would help u. Inbox..but I m sure this can help u a bit
Drink two glasses of more hotter water than lukewarm every morning when u wake and one glass before u go asleep. Then need to practice ur best every day amd should know all about where to give pauses nd where to b continous. U should b perfect at rythm
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