Sammilit is basically a poem which preaches the values of love and sympathy. It also traces the fact that humans , even generations later cannot forget their issues and resolve them. It is the story of two brothers who killed each other for a piece of land . Now generations later the people believe that the two trees which are lush and green have come up at the same place after taking the brothers blood as nourishment. Since the brothers had enemity with each other people believe that fruits on the tree will also fill the peoples hearts with enemity. However here the poet says that the land takes in all these feelings and gives out love which is why the trees in each other's shadow are the brothers trying to infact show their love to each other. The poet also says that the land is each individual's mother and can never be angry for too long. He also establishes the fact that the past is the past and now , just like the brothers humans should too try to spread love.
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