The points which you can use in " FAVOUR "  on modern education helpful in creating the sense nationality : 

                                       The modern education is really helpful for the children because the education process is really going tough and the children are spending and struggling by studying hours together by understanding or even just by-hearting it properly. The students need a change by which they can visualize the things and learning the things more overly very nicely  and even in a great way by that so they will not spend more 4 to 5 hours by studying a lot, just like what all used to do before 5 years or something like that. But when the modern education system like using the system's for the education purpose like the education tutorials and even the app's by which the children can easily study by only hearing, seeing and visualizing the things like we are doing now a days instead of working some hours and learning and mugging up everything just like a bowl of noddles which we can never resolve most probably. But from when the modern education system has started the situation had gone to it's best level where the students loved reading and even the good quality of education. We know that the sense of equality, wisdom, unity, diversity and even the nationality will increase a lot because education makes man be awesome and live to his / her fullest of all time. The modern education helps the student to recollect the old culture, tradition and even the history of the places which we know and even don't at all know about them. Therefore I conclude that the modern education plays a awesome and even important role in the creation of the sense of nationality. 


The points which you can use on " AGAINST " of modern education helpful in creating the sense nationality : 

                                       Well we know that modern education is really causing a mess for our old tradition, culture. In the modern education we know that the modernity is mostly encouraged a lot and even this leading to thing which we could not expect we know that the because of this modern education the children now a days are stuck with mobile phones and even the laptops and even their P.C's. Well it's great using all these things because the children can get more worldly knowledge but yet their are many chances of getting addicted to it and this may cause many severe problems in our daily life. Oh yeah i know that the modern education helps out children in knowing the things they don't know but while knowing all these new things they are leaving the old customized tradition of ours and they are following the other country tradition a lot because of this the old rich tradition of ours is going to be unknown to our  next generations and even then the customs are gone totally changed just like an example we know in olden days during festivals we used to distribute the sweets and we used to celebrate the festivals together but now not it is not like that the people greet each other by using the social media and even they instead of going with sweets they eat chocolates in the place of the sweets. This generation is only like this because of the implementation of the modern education then once think what about their next generations we cannot even imagine it at all. The modern education is not at all creating the sense of the nationality but instead it makes children to learn other traditions and customs. Therefore I conclude that the modern education isn't good and it is not helping in creating the sense of the nationality.