One thing may be developement for one while the same is harmful in the process of developement of other people.
for example if we are making mall in the place of slum area then it is good for rich people and will be seen as developement from their point of view while for slum people they will lost their home and will be at more critical situation than before.
Yes I agree with the statement we know that the development is different from one person to other person normally. The development sometimes is good for one person and for the other one this development is worst. We even have a great example of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant. As we know it is near to the ocean i.e bay of Bengal. the government had decided to set up this nuclear power plant but the fisher men who used to stay there didn't agree with it because it causes harm to their livelihood and even to the nature and the aquatic life in ocean. But yet the government set the nuclear plant. By this we can say that development according to the government is not a development according to the people staying there.