India of my vision
I was sitting and reflecting, thinking what I want my India to be like. We have been  busy being critical of the present times and government that we have actually never stopped and thought what we want our country to be like but we definitely know what we don’t want it to be like.

But now I have a fairly clear vision of what I want my India to be like. While envisaging my India I had to keep in mind that the India of my dreams should be practical and sustainable enough  to accommodate all my fellow citizens whether registered with the Government of India or not.

I had to bear in mind that India is also called a subcontinent and not just a country. It has; from the coldest places- Drass in western Ladak to the hottest – Thar desert. India is called a subcontinent not only because of its myriad geographical structures- rivers, mountains, plateaus etc. but also because of diversity in cultures, ethnicity, languages, population and anatomy.

While travelling across India from Kanyakumari to J&K one witnesses such assortment that it sort of represents a subcontinent in itself. On the geographical front where India has the highest peak in the world – Mt. Everest and the highest plateau as well – the Tibetan Plateau also known as the roof of the world.

India also has the deepest point – the Mariana Trench.
This subcontinent has to a place where harmony and peace can prevail with people gradually developing as a part of a self – sustaining and self – sufficient society.

The differences in cultural heritage must be incorporated in its best forms for enhancement of the generations’ intellect and to instill the patriotic spirit not only for the country but for different religions, sects, classes etc. Hierarchy may exist but due to its existence no divide should hinder my India’s’ progress.

I dream of an India where people are eager to except the divergence in ethnicity without resulting in partition of land, civil strife or insurgencies. An ideal India which wouldn’t be prejudiced on the basis of dialect, an India where vernacular languages would definitely exist as a part of heritage and would be passed on generations down the line altogether but wouldn’t be the reason for  distress between individuals or community.

The ever so different population of millions would stand as one; against injustice done to one.  There would be transparency between the elected representatives and the people they represent- the people from among whom they have come.

The representatives would have to convince the people through action rather than hollow words to be suitable for candidacy for any post as esteemed as a minister of Government of India. This India would work towards bridging the economic disparity and thus bringing close – those friends that have been looked down upon with contempt and thus have drifted apart.

People here would work towards social advancements and bring to fore hidden talents and cultural legacies. The community would benefit from a symbiotic relationship and understanding. It would curb ways that adversely affect the environment and use the natural resources judiciously.

An understanding populace would cultivate healthy practices of hygiene and sanitation improving the standards of living.

There would be availability of resources for the need of all from fooding to health care facilities.

The industrial sector in this India would be consumer and environment friendly and would be instrumental in bringing low cost, effective tools for the comfort of individuals; preventing inflation at any point of time.

India of my vision would occupy the position of the harmonic country in international relations bringing the world together.

My vision is an educated, intellectual, healthy and compassionate India.