There are many problems that has to be faced by the people living in big cities.i know about these very well as i am a citizen of Kolkata . Kolkata is a very populated and busy such busy cities there is no one to take care of us. in small villages , the neighbours are very caring but in busy cities  no one is bothered about others.there is also many health related problems.the dust and smoke released from the vehicles spoil our health a lot.
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As there is a lot to write about the problem of big cities let's start from a very small thing which can cause diseases to our health and that is,pollution everybody wants a car in big cities, some have 4 or some even have 8 cars and that is the main reason of pollution. Even in big cities there are poor people alive who have there small houses but the builders don't understand and break their houses for making malls, offices and big big houses. The expensive things that my mother faces everyday even if it's a tomato sauce or a water bottle these things have gone to a level high, so these are one of the biggest problems of big cities.
Hope this helps you :-) :-)
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