Soil conservation means to save the soil from being washed away by rain or eroded away by storms.soil is very important for us.we grow our crops on this soil.the people in villages use the soil to make huts in which they live.if this soil is not there then we will die due to starvation and the poor people will not have house to live in.
the various methods of soil conservation are:
 Use terrace farming. This type of farming uses the topography of the land to slow water flow through a series of terraces.
Use a rain barrel. You can place a rain barrel underneath a downspout to collect the water that runs off of your roof.
Plant buffer strips along stream banks. Buffer strips help hold stream banks intact during times of flooding.
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Soil conservation means to protect the top fertile layer of soil from being washed away by various agents like running water, winds etc. Soil conservation can be done by: 1 By constructing small bunds in areas prone to soil erosion. 2 Reducing the flow of water in the streams. 3 Plantation of trees 4 by strip cropping 5 by planting shelter belts