B. Use these phrases in sentences of your own, after finding out their
1. broke apart
2. streaked over
3. spread across
4. lifted off
5. blast off
6. went on
7. cheered along
8. on board
9. carry on

NCERT Class 6th: Honeysuckle English Ch 4 An Indian-American Women in Space: Kalpana Chawla



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1. broke apart ► break violently - The laptop broke apart when it slipped from the hands.

2. streaked over ► went over it quickly: A meteor streaked over cloud in the night.

3. spread across ► Distributed over a given area: Pollution is spread across the worls.

4. lifted off ► Start flying: Pilot finally lifted off the aeroplane.
5. blast off ► Take off: The rocket blasted off yesterday.
6. went on ► To continue: He went on reciting his poems.
7. cheered along ► Encourage: Audience cheered along for their favourite participant.
8. on board ► Participation: Children were on board for the picnic.
9. carry on ► Continue: Scientists carried on their research work