There is nothing much to know about the rotation of our earth ..... but i'll tell you:-
1- the rotation of earth around it's imaginary axis is called rotation of earth
2-the earth rotates from east to west
3- it takes a day for earth to complete one rotation.............. but not exactly 24 hours.- it takes 23 hours ,56 mins and 4.2 seconds
4-the earth's rotation velocity at the equator isĀ 1674.4 kmph . this means that by just standing at the euqator u can travel upto 1674.4 km in circle.

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RotationĀ of the earth is the spinning motion on its own axis that causes day and night.the earth rotates on its axis from west to takes 24 hours to complete one rotation.every point on the earth experiences day and night during the period of the earth one rotation.the sun is the source of light and heat for the this time the other half of the earth which does not fave the sun has night.
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