The ideal community would be one not found on a certain quality or fair play of the people, but on the economic endeavors of its centralized government officials, presumptively the military and, quite possibly, a dictator. Though the community would be run by a centralized mightiness, the people would reckon that they were electing officials for a republic. Every four years, elections would be held and a root word of people would be placed into power, but it would be fixed to ensure that the correct people were put into power. 
The ultimate goal that the authorities would push the community to strive for is a stiff economy. The economy would be fueled by business and moving in attraction and expansion. The government would become successful when, and only when, they were qualified to gain control over the entire population. They would be qualified to do this be creating fear in the minds of the citizens. This would be make in such a way that the people would await ignorant to the fact that they are fearful, or they would at least pretend to be ignorant.
The first step towards achieving this goal would be to create fear without creating chaos. A secret police would be established in order to prevent whatever inborn threats against the government.

All of the operations carried out by these forces would be above the law and obscure from the publics view. The only officials they would contribute to answer to would be those who were having them perform the missions, such as the dictator. If any threats were to arise from the people, the secret police would dispose of the cause. If this source of power was ever needed to be carried out, after only a few mysterious happenings, the people would realize that perhaps they should not question the government.
Providing jobs for the community and having the lowest possible population of pink-slipped people would be another way for the government to deem control over the people.