Son : Mom, where are you going? Can I join you?
Mother : Dear, I am going to Gold Mart.
Son: What! Mom, I has been just two days before you purchased a gold set.
         And again today ,you are going to purchase!
Mother: So what , your dad promised me that, I 'll get a gold necklace if I                  win the  cooking competetion which was held yesterday. And , I 
             won   that.
Son : But mom, It's not fair.
Mother : Not fair. why?
Son :Mom, do you know the price of the gold set ,that you have bought 2 days before?
Mother: Why not? It's 2 LAKH rupees. You know!
Son : See mom, purchasing such expensive jewels , will not save us in the future.
Mother : Future! What are you talking about?
Son: See mom, if you purchase such costly gold sets, what about savings?
Mother : savings! Oh no..I never think about this.
Son : Yes mom . We have to save for my future studies. Our health and                investments and we have many more.
Mother : yes I remember but in the joy , that i get gold , I forgot about this.
Son : It's okay mom . Now, you came to remember know. It's enough.
Mother : But son, you are too smart. You think about all
Son : Thank You  Mom. Now , you came to understand what I want to say.