Swach Bahrat is one of the most successful campaign of India where people worked out a lot for the cleanliness of the country i.e. India. Including our prime minister and even other ministers cleaned the streets of Indian to make this campaign a successful campaign ever. The swach bharat campaign is a most quickly and rapidly spread campaign where everyone worked out a lot. We know that this campaign was laughed by the efforts of our prime minister Narendra modi jii. The swach bharat is the place where people with out any difference worked out on the cleanliness and even we know that " cleanliness is next to godliness " by following this principle we are yet following and we will be following this campaign. The swach bharat is really a awesome and stupendous work which we all doing now a days. Even though we are trying hard it's bit hard to do swach bharat because there are many people who more over don't do cleaning rather they just littering the streets of India and even places. Therefore I conclude that swach bharat is good and we need to implement more and more such campaign.
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