Labor day
 There are different special days to be celebrated or observed. Labor day is one of them. 
  There are different professions lying out in this world and labor is one of the most low-paid professions. The laborers work very hard and get about Rs. 80 an hour or nothing at all. The laborers carry bricks, stones, work all day but are paid less. They tolerate it and still work and work and work. The laborers are unable even to eat a small meal in a day. They are not given much of a respect.
  Labor day is a day of celebration for all the laborers who work day and night to earn their living. No profession is good or bad. Every little profession has to be respected. The laborers should be paid a little more so that they can have a better quality of life.
  In conclusion, we should not disrespect the laborers and their work and should treat them wisely.
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