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My school's name is xxx
there are xxx grades in my school
each grade has xxx sections.
i am in xxx grade.
we also have so many activities in my school
we will have atleast one tournament in a month in my school
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y is dis reported?
ok wt is u r name
Is there any reason y u reported it.
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The place where a person gets education, where a person learns and explores new things, where he learns to interact and the place where he ecplode or showcase his talent out is 'School'. I love my school a lot. Its name is ________. My school taught me how to face situations, how to enhance myself, how to explore things and how to become frank. I got best parents who got me admitted in the best school as this is the only place where I learnt so many things whether we talk about ethics or knowledge or sports or anything. The teachers here are so good and frank that they never make us feel that we are away from our home, from our parents. Students also are too maintained and disciplined. The school has strict rules but can be followed if we want to. Such teachers with such a campus makes me feel as if I am in heaven.I love my school and I hope that each and every person reading this has a great school. It depends on you how much you respect your school as it is the only place where we step towards success.
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r u hindu
in india where r u from
I am living in saudi arabia
I m from india only
r u hindu