Dear kitty
It was a great day for me. I really enjoyed alot. As i have told u i went to my motherland and met my sweet grand parents after 4years. They are not at all changed Kitty.. I was surprised by knowing that they have been trying to make us vacation colourful for 1month. The little mango tree a planted 4years before has grown to nearly 10 feet. I climbed on it and there were many birds and insects living under the shade of my mango tree. Grandma has made all the sweets that she had offered me. They have planned many surprises for me. Kitty, i feel so happy that today I am going to sleep with my grandma entangling closely and hearing her stories.. Lets sleep kitty,shall we?
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Dear diary, ( from next line )... Adventure is a part of my life and I can't live without it as I love being an explorer and today I experienced a great adventure. I went for trekking with my cousins to ________ place. It was a forest and the amount of time I spent with my cousins really mesmerized me. I was so enlightened by it. In the forest I introduced myself to various, unexpectable creatures though it was risky but I did it. I too clicked selfies, Lol. The forest was like a maze but u know the "Airtel 4G" I hope u know as that 4G girl is famous now ( full time bakbak), Truly speaking that I enjoyed a lot. I too saw a leopard. You'll not believe that I got a chance to see some amazing birds which I never thought of. This exploration and tour was one of the best time passed in my life and I guarantee that this will remain one of my best experiences ever. This day of my vacations will never fade from my memory. Loved this day...
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