Hi XXXXXX (friend's name)
How are you? I am fine. Hope the same with you. I am writing this letter to you to apologize for damaging your cycle. On that day, I remember promising you that i will cause no harm to your cycle but i am very sorry for sorry for doing like this. I did not actually mean to do it.
I was doing good for half the time but in the mean time i met one of my friends on his cycle and we both thought to have a small competition in cycling. And hence we started off. Later, a small dog came in my way and i was super speed and hence could not control the speed. So i gave a sudden break and the bicycle skid down and i fell down. I looked for my friend but he was already gone. I felt very bad for competing with him. If he wasn't there i would've not damaged your cycle and returned your cycle safely to you. Everything happened so suddenly and till this day i am still not able to believe what had happened. Anyways, i am still very sorry for damaging your cycle. The nice thing is that nothing happened to that small dog which came in my way. I hope you understand my thoughts in a positive manner and be my good friend as normal. I am again sorry for damaging your cycle. But i still hope that you'll become my best friend soon. Bye! Take care. Convey my regards to your sister, uncle and aunt.
Yours Lovingly,
XXXXXXX (Your name)

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