Modern generation is considered as the technological  generation. in every place and in every work new technology is seen .so with this many jobs,companies and established. and the human life becoming very busy they are not even having a entertainment in their for sake of entertainment cinema was created.cinema is seen by every living organisms like grand ma,grand fa,elders and children even poor people. this gives entertainment , happiness and relaxiation to the people.cinema was created in the america by EDISON. the first was the non-talkie movie. the credit to bring the cinema to India goes to DADA SAHEBPHALKE .so as to create a cinema lakhs of rupees are consumed.and the cinema tells us many good habits to maintain and some bad habits we should know the good and leave the bad habits that make our life successful.the main thing to create a single cinema the director and the producer works very hard do,we should see the movie in a theater and not in the private C.D's which create loss to the theater and to the producer so make profit to the hard workers in film industry and  so know the good habits and relation ships from it