deep water shows how scared of water Douglas had been as a boy. his very first experience was when he First went to the sea beach with his father and a powerful wave swept over him. although the Wave had receded still it left him terrified .but then to overcome fear he made up in his mind to learn swimming. he went to the YMCA pool which was 2 feet at the shadow and the night feet at the deep end.
one day a strong big boy picked him up and threw him Into the deepest part of the pool .he sank to the bottom but he tried to jump and come up gradually . as fear had gripped him all his efforts went in vain. he was nearly drowned. he tried to breathe but swallowed water. he lay there in complete peace without sensation or fear of death. but someone saved him. he was so terrified that the sight of water made him sick .he could not go fishing or canoeing. so to overcome is fear he found an instructor who trained him as a swimmer bit by bit. he was able to overcome his fear completely .this experience of fear at first and then conquering it made his life worth living.