Housework is invisible and unpaid work.
Housework is physically demanding.
Housework is time consuming.
Write in your own words what is meant by the terms ‘invisible’, ‘physically demanding’, and ‘time consuming’? Give one example of each based on the household tasks undertaken by women in your home.

NCERT Class 7th Social Science (Social and Political Life) Chapter 4- Growing up as Boys and Girls



1.invisible means that no one observes that a woman is doing so much of - cooking, washing chlothes, sweeping, wiping, etc.(the list is never ending)
2.physically demanding means that it needs a lot of - sweeping, changing gas cylinder, wiping, washing cholthes(if there is no washing machine)
3.time consuming means that it needs a lot of time.( no eg. it is obvious that if there are so many jobs then it will consume a lot of time).