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Essay on Fashion
Fashion’s Revolution Although fashion has progressed since the sixteenth-century, the meaning and reasoning for fashion has remained the same. The main reasons for needing fashion are for protection, individuality, identification, and representation. By the sixteenth-century, the recently developed printing press was turning out books that were used to give other places around the world the experience of this “fashion.” Styles worn in Italy in the early sixteenth-century showed similarities.CHANGE OF FASHİON AFTER 1960 TO 2000 Fashion is defined as a style of dress that is popular during a certain time or era. It does not coordinate only towards clothing. It also coordinates hair styles, make-up and music. Each of these depends on the type of clothing chosen. Even though fashion reflects a person's social class in old days, it has been reflecting personality for half a century. Music, TV programs and ideologies started to influence the people.
Essay on Vidyaharti Jeevan
A school child in body, soul and brain development is balanced. The student community is a newly vocal bud. If for any reason there is a lack of buds, the buds wither inside are the same, along with the beauty of the garden ends. Student indiscipline of a country becomes a victim of this society as unclean conduct that is lackluster.And someday.The main pillar of our country's students. These will lack discipline, then we can think about the future of the country will be. And all functions remain in student discipline is necessary to systematically. Students must follow all the rules in the school being built school. All teachers are teaching lessons should wholeheartedly study life of the school after the student enters social life at every step, it requires disciplined behavior. If Viderthiyon discipline will not worsen the condition of society and the state of society Acuta him how the country will deteriorate. Undisciplined person, not only for themselves, would prove fatal to the entire country and society. Citizens become disciplined student and a disciplined disciplined disciplined civil society structures. Discipline really means and its corrupt tendencies to harm others is to control. Self discipline more than is necessary for the external control. Real discipline is what the human soul be related to improper functioning of the pure human soul ever does not encourage.