Choose the correct alternative:(i) Decimal representation of an irrational number is always :(a) non-terminating, non-repeating (b) terminating(c) terminating, repeating (d) non-terminating, repeating(ii) For the two numbers, 15 and 750, the HCF X LCM is :(a) 750 (b) 80 (c) 15 (d) 11250(iii) Every positive odd integer is of the form :(a) 2m (b) m (c) 2m + 1 (d) 2m + 2(iv) HCF of two numbers is 113, their LCM is 56952. If one of the number is904, the other number is : (a) 7719 (b) 7119 (c) 7791 (d) 7911