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The three tenses in english are:-
1.present tense-it tells about the activity going on at that time or it happens daily.
2.past tense-tells about action already happened.
3.future tense-tells about action that will take place in future.
present tense-i eat an apple everyday.
past tense-i ate an apple yesterday.
future tense-i will eat an tomorrow. 
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There r 12 types of tenses-Simple Present .e.g-I go to school. Present Continuous-e.g I am going to school. Present perfect-e.g I have gone to school. Present Perfect Continuous- e.g I have been going to school. ---------------------------------------------- Simple Past-e.g I went to school. Past Continuous-e.GI was going to school Past perfect-e.g I had been going to school. Past Perfect Continuous e.g I had been going to school. ----------------------------------------------- Simple Future-e.g I will go to school. Future Continuous -e.g I will be going to school. Future Perfect.-e.g I will have gone to school. Future perfect Continuous-e.g I will have been going to school. HOPE IT HELPS^^^_
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