Herbivores depends on the plants.
ex:- rabbit eats grass

carnivores depends on herbivores that means it indirectly depends on plants.
ex:-Tiger eats rabbit

omnivores depends on herbivores and carnivores that means it also depends on plants for their food.
ex:- human consumes both veg and non veg.

By this we can say that all animals whether herbivores, carnivores or omnivores depends on plants for their food.
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Yes I agree with the give statement that " herbivores, carnivores or even omnivores depend on plant for their food. This link is all inter connected. Firstly the herbivores depend on the plant for their food next the carnivores depend on the herbivores. From the above point we can conclude that the carnivores also depend on plants for food but in directly.  Next the omnivores they depend on both the herbivores and even plant for food. Therefore the omnivores also depend on the plant.
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