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                           The famous personality in kho-kho

                                             One of the famous personality in kho-kho is Satish Rai. The game of kho-kho is really one of the tough game because the player really need to be dedicated and even he/she need to be attentive and make the strategies with mind during the play itself. The kho-kho is one of the most played game in India and from India there are many player who played and own many medals in international levels also. We know that player Satish Rai one of the most important and even stupendous player, he is very much dedicated towards the game and even a
predominant player. This player  played around for many years and his medals and his game history is also long and even strong enough. The game of kho-kho is a game where a person need to be specifically fit in his strength wise and even his brain should be sharp so that he can plan what to do as well as to play. Therefore I conclude that Satish Rai is a great and even famous personality in kho-kho.
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sudhir parab, achala deore,shameel arish ayaz , r some of the famous personalities in kho kho..
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