You can write types of people Like goals of rich people like ambani and goals of poor people . as ambani wants new launched car where an poor people want a second hand cycle, as ambani wants to raise the price of electricity whre as poor people want better wage and a permanent job.
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We all have the same basic needs, but different personalities, different reactions to various situations, and most importantly: different methods of acquiring what we need and want. 

So, in order to get what we need, most people have the goal of getting a job. Others think of get-rich quick schemes, others aspire to rob the richest house they've ever found. And so, to achieve the goal, like getting a job for instance, we believe different things to inspire us. Some people don't question their ability to land the job and just believe they are perfect, others believe that they have a good chance and remain optimistic, while the unlucky few have a pessimistic mind set and believe that there is a slim chance of landing the job. 

Why we think so differently? The influences we were exposed to as a child can change our mindset greatly. If our parents were lazy, we have a pretty good chance of taking the "get rich quick scheme" option. If we had criminal friends, we have a good chance of taking the "rob a rich house" option. If our life was rough, we will probably take the "pessimist" route. And so on... 

We are different people, with different goals and beliefs because we are one of the few, if not the only, species that can have different goals and beliefs, and we should admire that amongst each other. 

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