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This year summer is gone to it's peak level and the temperature is gone too high as never thought even before, because of sudden rise in temperature didn't even allow us to adapt to that feature of heat and because of this many people faced death also. It's really a sad thing that more than 200 people daily in India are facing the death because of the sun strokes and all.  
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This year, the summer is very horrible. This is all because of humans who are the foremost reason for Global Warming. Hundred's of people died of sunstroke.  Water levels are decreasing day - by - day.
So, it's our duty to save the natural  resources for our future and for our future generations also.
Some of the measures  to save the natural  resources and our lives are:
1) Rain harvesting
2) Planting trees
3) Reduce pollution by reducing the wastes from factories
4) Use solar energy.