Q1. volcanic activity and earthquakes are common near the margins of plates justify.
Q2. what are the values we can learn from metamorphic rocks(after changing pof the original rock having undergone great heat and pressure)
Q3. differentiate between fold mountain and and rift valleys.

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As there is a sudden release of seismic energy from the two plates, most of the energy released is near the edges of the tectonic plate. And as there is a gap between them, the magma beneath the plates rises up and comes of in the form of volcanoes.

~> The qualities we learn are that with perseverance and patience, we can change ourselves.

~> Fold mountains are mountains in which the mountain is formed due to the pressure applied from two opposite directions. The land in between is compressed and forms folds and rises to form fold mountains. e.g. Himalayan Range is a new fold mountain while Aravalli Mountains are old fold mountains.  

While rift valleys are formed due to natural activity in which a part of the land that has been pushed upward is called horst. While the land which has sunken below the fault line is called graben. e.g. The Rhine Rift Valley in Germany.

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