A map is a reduced representation of a particular area,state,country or simply saying some space.It has it's own limitations and hence very difficult to give the exact data.To overcome the short coming in the accuracy they are given a system where we use symbols to give details about the object,distances,features or any such information about that particular area or zone.This helps the users to understand the MAPS and take advantage of the data and make full use of it to fulfill the need.    
Symbols are what we use everyday even if we don't know it. You see symbols when you drive, when you're at school and even at home. Symbols make things easier to understand especially when you're reading a map.

On a map there are lots of different symbols. For example, if there's a church, they don't write 'CHURCH', instead they put a cross to indicate there's a church. But sometimes it's hard to remember all of the symbols ..................
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To resemble the plateaus, plains, rivers, state borders easily
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