Everyone here this is important why do some people do bad bad things in society?
What is their intention?
Can't they understand that the other person is hurting very much as much as they want to suicide?
This is my message to all people "If u see such Bad things on road GO ON,dont get afraid stop them"
Many girls are hurted,by the actions of some idiots



The people who are engaged in bad things always do bad ..
They have no sense .
We have so many cases as we go across the road can we don't STOP them ,
All peoples have GUTS use friend I surely assure that those people do not do it again .
If any do anything wrongs to you kindly inform ur parents espically girls they think they would loose their image infront of their society..
They are wrong if go against the bad thinqz ur Image would be bright infront of ur Society...
Please Dn't my Answ....
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I cant say her name cuz again her name will be ruined in the net too
can u talk to me in inbox????
Try to pass this to all ur frnds
ACTUALLY the person who has is hurting others has already been hurted before by someone else.he or she think that he has been hurted , so every one in the world should be hurt.so we should not hurt any one.
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