We can vanish our loneliness by interacting with others and making friends. We can also read some funny jokes or indulge in a book. We could also talk to our siblings and play with them. We could also write a diary entry and treat the diary as a friend, talking to it or sharing our secrets.

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Try not to spend most of your time alone. If the nature of your work keeps you away from direct contact with people then try to do your best to see people on your weekends.By going to public places or social events you can increase your chances of meeting people and so reduce your loneliness. The following are some practices you should take to overcome loneliness.if you study a lot then try to study with someone else. The more time you spend alone the more the loneliness feelings will get reinforced.If you go for a daily walk, ask a close friend to join you.Another good action that you could take to overcome loneliness is getting involved into some kind of a project that involves team work. When being involved into such projects you will be obligated to share your ideas, thoughts and even your fears with others. You may also have to attend regular meetings in order to discuss the project’s issues. All of the previous actions can totally remove your feelings of loneliness.

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