Please give an interview of Mrs. Packletide after she became famous.
(Based on English Chapter-2 Mrs. Packletide's Tiger Class-10)
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I would have had surely marked if you had really given a relevent answer to my question. I had asked for an interview.
Both of you have given me same wrong answers and this is very bad of you both.
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this the answer soory my misytake


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Reporter - today we have with us Mrs. Packeltide who undertook the daunting task of shooting a tiger recently . Mrs . packeltide how does it feel like after shooting a cruel beast ##Packeltide - awesome ,simply awesome it is an unbelievable feeling to kill a tiger , that too on my own. ##Reporter - what inspired you to do this ##Packeltide ,- actually there were two factors 1 my passion and courage 2 and loona bimberton ##Reporter - but why loona? ##Packeltide - oh loona was just trying to outshine me , so I decided to tell her that who is the real boss ##Reporter- who helped in your killing of the tiger ##Packeltide - my helper miss mebbin and the local villagers were extremely helpful ##Reporter - why only a tiger ##Packeltide - tiger is the cruel beast , and killing tiger , will help to remove a spot of terror from the forests ##Reporter - Will you go for tiger shooting again ##Packeltide - maybe not ##Reporter - why? ##Packeltide - I am bored with it ##Reporter - there you have ladies and gentlemen miis packeltide , bravest of bravest lady, who shot a tiger on her own and a very generous person as well who threw a party to celebrate the happiness of her dear friend loona ##Packeltide - thanks and cheers .
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I used ## mark to separate the speakers .
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