Conservation of water is nothing but saving the most precious element WATER.It is well know fact that we are covered with 75% water in the world and rest is land.But the most interesting fact is the use able water is of very negligible and we need not be surprised if we see war for the same.
It is very important and necessary that every human has to take responsibilty to limit use age and also save water
The following simple ways will help us conserve water
Do not keep the tap running when BRUSHING YOUR TEETH and same applys when SHAVING.
Do not take shower baths often expect during head bath and use BUCKET water where we waste less water.
Arrest LEAKAGE of taps and also flush leakages which is the major concern for water wastage
Wash your vehicles by using a bucket and cloth and not spray with pipes.
Do not keep the water running when washing hands but stop and use it to save the same.
Rain water harvesting helps increase ground water levels which in turn helps improve the availability of portable water 
Conservation of water means to save water from being wasted.water is very important for us.the earth is made of water which has a composition of about 75 per cent.our earth is also known as the blue planet because of this huge amount of water present in it.
there are various methods are : 
we should not keep the tap open after taking a bath or washing our hands and face.
we should repair the leakages if we notice any.
we should not take long baths.