Everyone has got their own idea of what success is as well as poverty depending on one's own situation. Many people are disturbed about the fact that they are poor or end up being in poor families and therefore constantly believe it's a hindrance to their success.

Some people say the notion poverty is not a hindrance to success is a myth and therefore like to criticize the idea that hard work, positive thinking and such will enable one overcome poverty. Poverty is a form of success. Successful at being poverty bound is why so many people are successful at misunderstanding why the situation still exists. There is no boundary to success because we are all successful at what we do.

So, if you want to be a successful hindrance to poverty, succeed at understanding how a change in the comprehension of reality helps. Though a lower economic standard may hinder success do not fret. Celine Dion, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela were poor so was our own Osei Kwame Despite but today they are well known simply because they stood the test of time.

The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer because the poor always give up. Bone crushing poverty can make succeeding at most anything in life very difficult but there is one form of success that cannot be hindered by poverty and that is where happiness is concerned.

Try asking yourself why most of the people in the villages are economically stunted however; their quality of life is considered a success. This is simply because they have continual survival and good health and this is achieved by being happy.

There are four keys to being successful;
Ø Hard work and positive thinking.
Ø Willingness to dare to be different from everyone

Ø Making the decision to be more than what life has handed you.

Ø Grabbing wealth; because if you wait for wealth, it certainly will not find you.

There are many stories about people who were poor but worked and gave it their all, eventually they became successful. Their stories inspire us and give us hope that we can reach any goal and overcome any obstacle in life no matter how great it is. Many successful people do not fit the stereotypes of the wealthy.

In fact they did not grow up privileged neither did they go to great schools and in any case they did not have special connections yet they became successful. However, what they have in common is their dedications and hard work.

Bear in mind that what you think today is what you get tomorrow and if you do not visualize what you want you will never get it.