The most common effect of poverty is malnutrition. This is especially seen in children of poor families. People living in poverty rarely have access to highly nutritious foods. Even if they have access to these foods, it is unlikely that they are able to purchase them. The healthiest foods are usually the most expensive; therefore, a family on a very small budget is much more likely to purchase food that is less nutritious, simply because that is all they can afford. One of the most severe effects of poverty is the health effects that are almost always present. This includes things from diseases to life expectancy to medicine. Diseases are very common in people living in poverty because they lack the resources to maintain a healthy living environment. They are almost always lacking in nutritious foods, which decreases their bodies’ ability to fight off diseases. Sanitation conditions are usually very low, increasing the chance of contracting a disease. Sometimes these diseases can be minor, but other times they can be life-threatening. In general, people living in poverty cannot afford appropriate medicines to treat these illnesses. Education is largely affected by poverty. Many people living in poverty are unable to attend school from a very early age. Families may not be able to afford the necessary clothing or school supplies. Poverty also has social effects. Many people living in poverty are homeless, which puts them on the streets. There also seems to be a connection between poverty and crime. When people are unemployed and homeless, social unrest may take over and lead to increases in crime. When people have nothing and no money to buy necessities, they may be forced to turn to theft in order to survive. Homelessness and high crime rates impact of a country’s people and can create many problems within a society. PLZ MARK AS A BRAINLIEST. I NEEDED PLZ MARK AS A BRAINLIEST.
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                                          " The Poverty "

Once there were was a family which was really leading their life in the below poverty line. They were totally 5 members in the family one infant and 2 were elders and other 2 were in their teenage. The infant need the more nutrition, The teenagers weren't sent to the school instead they were forced to work in the near by places. The parents wanted them to work for money because money is really needed now a days for any one's livelihood. The elders i.e. expect the infant had only 1 time meal a day and even they were daily starving even though they faced any illness also they never tried to visit any specialist for treatment. But the infant was given at least 3 times food so that he/she can be strong enough until them.


The conclusion about poverty and hunger are common to all developing economics :

                         Well we all know that during development many will be left behind and other would be like millionaires. This situation even we can see in daily life. Where ever we go we can see 3 sets of people 1. millionaires 2. middle class 3. lower class. Really during development everyone should be on equal line which should be that equal as a line drawn with the help of the ruler. But no this not the see everywhere. Well from the story above we can see that the poverty all time leads to the huger of most and very few that we can count on tour left hand fingers had food as wished.  We can see that some people starve for food and other they just waste food as they wish. Therefore I conclude that yes the problem of poverty and hunger are common to all developing country's or even economics.