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India has a large  variety of flora and fauna. and some of the animals which are present in the desert are desert lion , camel Sidewinder etc Camels are called the ship of they help people to travel in and around the desert . even if there is extreme heat in desert nd at night they have to survive extreme cold conditions. unavailability of the food , scarcity of water etc the animals over there survive . those animals living in desert are adopted only to live in that particular region they cannot survive in cold places. they have specific organs for them to survive Sometimes because of total internal reflection they see the water somewhere nearby but it is not water but there is oasis also for water supply. 
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                                          " Desert Animals "

                                      Desert animals one of the most wonderful animals every seen. We all know that the desert animals are the one of the most adaptive animals to all kinds of environment. We know that desert animals like the rabbit , little mouse, camel, sidewinder etc. are the animals which adapt them selves to the hot sun and even the rapid cold nights. We know in deserts there are very less flora and even fauna. There very less plants grown here by this only we can say the animals mostly depend on other animals for the mode of nutrition. The sidewinder the snake depend on the rabbit, mouse. The camel depend on the cactus and even other thorny plants. The desert animals really are mysterious because they are able to toke over this hot 50°c temperature but even humans just give up at this temperature. Well the desert animals and even the plants are really awesome because they learnt how to adapt to this kind of climate. Therefore I conclude that the desert animals are the well know and even familiar for their adaptation process.
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