My Mother is everything 
My Mother is God 
My Mother cares me 
My Mother loves me 
My Mother never hurt anyone 
My Mother is my life 
My Mother keeps me always smiling 
My Mother hugs me 
My Mother is behind my success 
I can die for my Mother
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Mother is the only person in everyone's life who loves his children a lot. She is the one who gives birth to a child and loves him/her till the end of her life. My mother also loves me a lot. Her name his___________ . She cooks food for me. She do everything to make me feel comfortable. She is the only person in my life with whom I can share anything. She scolds me but in her scolding also love is hidden. She teaches me new things and is my inspiration. She encourages me to do wonders and I want her to be with me the whole life.
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