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Dear Cousin,

How are you settling down in the city?

I know the pace in the city is very different from the pace in the village. Everything must be done quickly. I have been in you shoes before when I transferred to the city from the village. Here are some things I want you to take not of:

First, explore. Explore the city. Know its highlights and lowlights. Know the most important establishments that is essential to your way of living; grocery store, church, hospitals, police station, etc.

Second, take your time. Living in the city does not mean you have to also live the fast-pace life. Take time to acclimatize yourself. Enjoy the city in you first months. 

Third, make friends. City dwellers tend to be more focused on their own lives unlike those in the villages. Make friends there just as you made friends in the village. You can get all the benefits at no cost.

Fourth, retain your principles and values. Sometimes people change who they are because they are trying to conform to what they think is acceptable in the environment they live in. Even if their change harms them. Don't sacrifice your values. Don't let yourself be influenced by negativity. Always keep your high standards and enjoy being unique.

Lastly, enjoy. Enjoy experience all their is to experience. Let yourself be a well rounded person. Let your experiences bring out the best of you.

Good luck!

Your cousin
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