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1.  when I presented my thoughts on ideals and morals, some students at the back
     benches sneered at my presentations.
2. I chuckle at my neghbour girl/boy when she/he is still doing home work at the
   last minute.
3  My dad likes my mom, in fact, he has a strong affinity to her.
4. Heroines with a good make up and wearing a lot of ornaments and diamonds look
5 Whenever I visit my grandparents home, I conjure up the sweet memories I spent there
       earlier in my childhood.

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SNEERED = 'hypocrite' he sneered.
CHUCKLE = he gave a little chuckle.
AFFINITY = he has a close affinity with the landscape he knew when he was growing up.
RESPLENDENT = bessie , resplendent in royal blue velvet , was hovering beside the table.
CONJURED UP = what does the word 'feminist' conjure up for  u ?
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