Concentration and Composure -- The Need of The Hour


Man's mind by nature is quite volatile and fickle. It is through arduous training, that mind can be controlled. According to recent research done by psychologists and psychoanalysts, an average man thinks approximately 60,000 thoughts a day. So naturally maintaining focus is quite a Herculean task, which only the strongest of men can do!

Man's entire success and excellence depends upon the quality of his focus. Have you ever seen a gymnast doing acrobatic stunts on a thin wooden beam? How does he do it? All through focus! He is so much engrossed in executing the body mind coordination to perform the feats. Similarly, all the great performers exhibit great focus. Now the crucial point here is how to develop this kind of laser focus?

All great achievers in different fields suggest focus of mind can be perfected through will. Putting the mind under will will train prolonged focus on a particular task. So word of advice for those, who want to have complete control over their focus, is they must watch their focus. That is, while doing an activity, they should be aware of their focus and the moment focus wanders or rambles, they must bring it back on the task. One must keep one's goals always in front of him. This also helps in keeping the focus. Initially if one's progress is slow, one must not be disappointed. With perseverance, training, meditation and breathing exercises, complete control over focus is possible.

Yoga is another very potent tool to bring your focus and concentration under your control.  In the famous documentary on mediation ‘Spiritual Reality: Journey Within’, many benefits of yoga have been enumerated upon. The documentary reveals how yoga replenishes and rejuvenates a yogi physically, mentally, and spiritually. In the state of perfect yoga one receives abundant cosmic energy, which heals, energizes, rejuvenates each and every cell, nerve, and organ of the physical, mental and spiritual body of a man. It cleanses the body of all the ills and toxins that might develop into some fatal ailments.

Yoga has become quite popular in the entire world, especially in the western countries because of its wholesomeness. We must practice it for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.