2 May, 2016
Dear Carol,
I have received your letter in which you told me abt ur prob. & need my advice.You don't worry. sleep deprivation can be easily cured.

First thing that you must keep in the mind that to eat healthy food.Drink plenty of water. Go early to bed and rise early. Try to do exercise in the morning.It i s important to drink plenty of water. You should fix a bed time and follow it regularly. Make It's not a good habit to bring all your works home, try to do it in school/collage. Make certain changes to ur daily routine.  And also u can take a glass of warm milk just b4 going to bed..

I hope these suggestions will surely help u.
Yours lovingly, 
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thnz alot!!1
Tysm zesta & wlcm Zoya..
12 March, 2016
Dear Tulsi,
I have received your letter today i felt very sad by reading your problem I will give u some advise which may cure your sleep deprivation and make u get good sleep

Firsty you must keep in the mind you will exercise daily secondly u should drink plenty of water.Water is most important in ones life ant try to fix a proper bed time and follow it regularly get up early and go early to bed thirdly have an good balanced diet ,while going to bed read some good books which my help u getting good sleep .fourthly forget bad things that happened on that day and take a glass of warm milk just before going to bed.try to do things on time so that u will not have tension about that work.finally meditate daily it will give u everything

I hope these thing help u to get good sleep
Yours lovingly,