The story basically tells us about the two brothers nicola nd jacopo who were of ages 12 and 10. They belonges to a rich family nd they lost their all luxurious life nd dad in world war 1 . Their sister lucia was suffering from tuberculosis of dpine sooo both of them served ppl selflessly nd each way they could ,they did each nd every task very happily. They did countless of jobs daily that somehow attracts the narrator. All people r happy from their work. The money they earn,they spend it by paying the ailment fee to the hospital for their sister's treatment. Their hardwork keenness nd dignity of doing every task any task anytym anywhere happily nd selflessly reallly is a superbb inspiration for all of us. Even, when narrator came acrosss what do the do of money nd their past,his respect and interaction for both the kids increased to a very hugh extent. Their story is a true nd good inspiration for alll of us,they reflect the true gentleness.