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Their several various ways by which India could become a developed nation.Some of those are :

1) If brain drain is stopped. Many students study in India but go to work abroad. If this is stopped we could get a better quality of workforce to support the economy of country. That would certainly help.

2) By controlling rapidly increasing population - Population is one of the main factors,if the population is more, the chances of poverty are more. And if the poverty is increased. the way to developed nation will be hindered.

3) By performing fundamental duties -
Twelve fundamental duties are provided under Article 51A of constitution of India for Indian citizens. If these duties are performed by the citizens it can help a lot in the development of the country so as to make it a super power. 

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INDIA can definitely become a developed nation if its citizens want. Citizens critisize rules, regulations , plans etc . implemented by the govt. even it is for development and due to no support of citizens sometimes plans fails also. To make India a developed nation from a developing one you have to do a lot of hardwork. If you want changes then first be a change in yourself. In your childhood till the end of your studies, study hard to achieve a respect in the society, support the govt. When you'll become a successful adult, work for your nation, respect everyone varying from a child, girl, man, women, aged people and everyone. Never ever exploit someone and never get exploited too. Give innovative ideas in your field only like for a scientist new research earns fame for the person and for the nation too, just like that, be the best in yours. If you are an engineer then build something new, latest technologies which make our nation top at technoligies. Just do hardwork as it is the key to success. But too keep in mind that too make it a respectable country and this is only possible if within the country only citizens will respect each other. So STOP CRIMES and make it a safe nation which is a key of help to a developed nation.
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