The life of a modern man and his ancestors is quite contradictory we can see a  lot of changes . the life our ancestors was very hard  and there was no security of life because they lived in forests surrounded by wild animals they  were always in great fear.
very slowly they began to cultivate lands  and  lived near the rivers . gradually the changes had taken place. the cultivation of land , living in a particular place is the symptom of civilization .with the industrial revolution  in the 15th  century,there dawned the scientific era in the world a number of inventions took place  no doubt science has given us much of potency to battle hard with the elements of nature and diseases. it has helped us to have a control over wind and weather. we can fathom the depth of uncharted oceans and climb over lofty mountains science has helped man in thousand ways and will continue to help  surely its a blessing for us this is an age of science .it has revolution-ed the life of man and will continue