TOBACCO IS HARMFUL Many people smoking is a trend, or a way of attracting attention so people will think better of them, at least that is how the smoker feels. But in many cases in this corrupt day and age the smoker is an addict and is the dependent of the vicious drug nicotine. Nicotine is the most addictive drug in the world, and is abused by ignorant human beings through the use of cigarettes. Personally nicotine is my worse enemy and if were flesh and bones I would destroy it, because of the fact that is has taken my beloved father which I love more than anything in this world and turned him into an addict. This paper has helped turn the anger I had for my father because of his smoking, into pity and sorrow. For the fact that because of the paper I now have an understanding of why my father is addicted. What he feels and goes through every time he tries to quit and does not succeed why he can't quit, and lastly why de has become dependent of the life threatening drug nicotine.