It was a dark night and I was on the street alone...I heard some sounds behind me but, paid no heed to them and increased my pace to such an extent that I was almost running. My one hand was clasped around a packet of medicines for my father and my other hand was on a penknife which I took out whenever I heard something suspicious. The hospital was far behind and now, was the part of the journey I feared the most. The forest. Just as I entered the forest, I started hearing eerie sounds from the bushes. The woods never seemed to end. Just when I was about to give up, I saw a small little cottage. I went inside wanting to ask for some water. I met an old lady, who had a sly smile and a long nose. When she came with the glass of water, I smelled something suspicious in the water. Just when I drank it, I lost my consciousness and the last thing I felt was a rough hand grasping my throat... 
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